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Expert speakers:

John Noble - Director NCSC

John Noble


DR Chris Folkerd - Director of Cloud Technology UKFast

DR Chris Folkerd

Director of Cloud
Technology at UKFast

Holly Williams - Technical Director Secarma

Holly Williams

Technical Director

Arlene Bulfin - Director of People Development at UKFast

Arlene Bulfin

Director of People
Development at UKFast (HOST)

Gareth Chidgey - Managing Director ClearCloud

Gareth Chidgey

Managing Director

Security is undoubtedly the biggest topic on the tech industry’s cloud radar for 2020

From social engineering attacks gaining access to data in the cloud through automated methods, to advances in 5G networks and the wide adoption of IoT devices, the risk of attack to cloud computing is increasing exponentially.

Cloud security and data protection now need to be considered at every level of your infrastructure and business planning, but how can you ensure your platform is protected?

Cloud Security Live provides your business with industry-leading insight through expert talks, in-depth panel discussions and exclusive workshops.

This event is tailored for business owners, Directors, CTOs, IT Managers, CSO’s, ISO’s and roles within businesses, agencies and software providers responsible for critical or sensitive data.

Every attendee receives a unique Cloud Security Guide and a suite of resources on finding the right cloud for your hosting needs and securing your data.

Cloud Security Live 2020
Cloud Security Live 2020
‘Designed securely and maximised to its full potential, Cloud transforms businesses’

James Greenham, HPE

Attend Cloud Security Live to discover:

  • The right cloud for you: Are you making the most of the efficiencies that the right cloud environment can offer your business? Is your infrastructure working for you? From multi-cloud to containers, we’ll ensure you’re up to date with the latest cloud trends and utilising them to their full potential.
  • Cloud and compliance: Learn how to stay compliant and help your business avoid financial penalties by auditing your cloud security strategy, and why now is the perfect time to do it.
  • Sensitive data protection: What is the best way to host your customers’ sensitive data? Are your suppliers and partners culpable for this responsibility? What should you do in the event of a data breach?
  • Why patching is essential: How can attackers outpace incomplete and hurried patches on your infrastructure? Ensure vendors are meeting your standards when it comes to infrastructure patching.
  • The responsibility of payments: How are new payment options creating a spike in identity theft? Discover how to protect your eCommerce customer data.
  • Brexit and the cloud: What new risk assessments does leaving the EU mean for your business? Hear from cloud and GDPR experts on best practice data hosting after Brexit.

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